Sunday, December 16, 2007

If Christmas isn't enough

This year, if Christmas isn't enough - you don't have to worry.
If christmas isn't enough this year, just like it may or may not have been last year there are back ups.
If Christmas isn't enough, we'll still have the tree
If Christmas isn't enough, we can place love in a stocking, and hang it by a fire
If Christ, entering mankind, being born amongst man, in a stable surrounded by animals isn't enough, we have santa
If Angels proclaiming Glory to God in the Highest doesn't cut it, we have jingle bells

If the hope that all of Israel waited, for told about by prophets, repeated the stories, lived day by day in the temple to see, just seems a little foreign, we can eat chocolate advent calendars

This year, if the manger is too dirty, and the star isn't quite bright enough, Stanley Park provides Bright Nights.
This year, if comfort and joy are not upon you, family traditions, good food and amicable relations will suffice.

So God rest ye merry gentlemen, because this year, if Christmas isn't enough - it we have options.

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