Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The POB Moments and the death of SMB

"The Dragon will fall victim to a school of small fish in shallow water"
-Chinese Proverb

In Small Medium Businesses, the school of small fish are Pat on Back Moments.

POB (Pat on Back) will take out the dragon one nibble at at time. We all stand around a whiteboard, we all come up with a 1000 great ideas - we all pat ourselves on the back, and we all walk away.
Sure we have legitimate reasons to ignore the whiteboard of life - things, projects, being put on hold, on and on and on.
Here's my short (odd I know) advice for the day. If you can't follow through, don't start. Don't start the brainstorming, dont talk to me about vision, growth, future planning - just stop.
And if you cant follow through with tangible, measurable tests to see if it's worthwhile on and on. How we're going to track it, deadlines.
The ammount of grandious bullshite that goes on in the business world, almost comes on par with the church.

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