Monday, July 23, 2007

To the difficult

Again, while I know maybe 1 or 2 people are reading this, I would encourage you to tell you colleagues, co-workers, inmates, 'partners' to feel free to submit their work place poem. It can be mad, sad, funny, stupid, profane or prophetic....whatever --- I've started it because getting mad is both neccessary and let's face it a fact of our vocational life. How we deal with the anger and how long we hold on to it is up to us (yes, thank you, I've been watching Oprah). My poems right now often focus on anger - they are dumb, but they stop me from being angry at various things/people. So, if that works for you. DO IT - don't get mad - get poetic.

To the Difficult:
It is said that you can catch more flies with honey
But if you pour vinegar on them, you can kill a fly pretty easily├é 
Flies loves honey, and vinegar is only good on french fries
So how do you decide if someone is a fly or a fry?
In order to decide if one is a fly or one is a fry one must have a very keen eye
And a keen eye is hard to come by - I tell you no lie
So whether your dealing with a fly or a fry
And if you're trying to decide which condiment should apply
It is best to remember that with too much of one dressing
All insects, plants, food and animals will eventually die
And then you wil have no one to curse - as they will have all waved goodbye.

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