Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ode to Chad

Chad, our supplier has problems with the truth sometimes. This first blog entry, on my brand spanking new blog is dedicated to him. Not sure what will come of this blog, it'll probably go the way of all blogs. But for now, let there be clutter in cyberspace.

Chad, Chad, Chad

Why are you so bad?

You fill our hopes with Samsung dreams

But leave us with very little means

It's not that you purposefully lie

But your empty promises make me want to cry

We cannot go on in this dizzying maze

But without a clear resolve I'm left in a Daze

To wonder why it is you have wasted your breath

And failed to deliver, despite swearing on your death

Chad, Chad, Chad

I can'€™t help but feel so sad

For it'€™s you who play us for fools

But it'€™s us who come out looking like tools

Chad, Chad, Chad

Why oh why are you so bad?

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